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Cotton Trading Overview
Modern Nile is ACGC's cotton trading arm, giving it a strong presence in the market
Modern Nile
Established in 1994, Modern Nile is the largest cotton trading company in Egypt accounting for 25% of Egyptian cotton exports and 25% of the highly fragmented import market
It maintained its standing in the market despite total exports declining from EGP 589 million in 2012/2013 to EGP 314 million in 2013/2014 and managed to honor its commitments ending the year with a positive balance
Modern Nile has a strong international presence, with trade partners in the United States, South America, Africa, Europe and Asia
It has a solid presence in China, one of the largest textiles markets, and is registered with the AQSIQ/CIQ
Modern Nile has experienced and qualified management. Its CEO is on the board of the International Cotton Association which regulates over 95% of the world's cotton trade
Modern Nile is involved in research and product development and is working on the organic cotton cultivation
It also has a good relationship with customers who receive semi-annual visits from senior management members
Cotton Trading Market and Group's Strategy
Effect of Economic Crisis The Group's Unique Position
The Economic Crisis led to cotton prices falling dramatically
As a result, cotton farmers reduced production thus causing lower volumes of cotton trade
Egypt's exports declined, this season, dramatically by 81%
Globally 8 of the world's 22 largest merchants declared bankruptcy due to low cotton prices and yarn production
However, Modern Nile managed to maintain its standing and honor its commitments
Market leader
Solid credit standing and market credibility
Competent management with over 20 years of experience
Strong track record of performing all contracts
Only cotton trader with ginning facilities through ACGC
Only cotton trader with R&D, providing clients with top quality products
Located in Egypt in close proximity to Europe, thus reducing lead time in trade
Strong relations with top textiles markets globally
Good footing in China
Strong relationship with clients
Company Strategy
Maintain Number One standing in the Cotton Trading business in Egypt.
Position company to capture profits of a rebounding market.
Maintain strong credit standing and financial credibility in the market.
Maintain strong relations with trade partners and clients.
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