The Real Estate Story
"Where did the land come from?"-
In the past ginning companies were awarded land right on the banks of the River Nile, especially in the Delta area where most cotton farms lay
This gave ginning companies proximity to cotton farmers and transportation outlets as goods and materials were transported primarily via vessels on the Nile
As one of the foremost ginning companies in Egypt, ACGC has 13 mills, most of  which are located in premier areas on the Delta
"What has the Group done so far?"-
In recent years, management realized that there is more value in the actual  land as opposed to the facility it houses
In relocating the facilities to other industrial areas and utilizing the land for real estate development the Group would be able to unlock the immense value of their land bank, which would, in turn, catapult ACGC's overall value
The Group set up a real estate division and developed a strategy to develop a real estate company for its land bank and to enter the real estate market
"How can the potential be capitalized on?"-
Establish a real estate
Its large and rich land bank gives the company a solid footing and base with which to enter the real estate market
ACGC's real estate company will stand out among its peers because it will be offering unique real estate, providing high end properties, whether in the form of land or developments in governates, other than Cairo, that have not been properly serviced by existing real estate developers
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